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keyboards. music production.

Marc, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, began studying the piano at the age of six. Although his training was in classical music, he found early on that he wanted to play and write in many different genres, and he began playing in a variety of rock bands, jazz bands, and chamber music ensembles.

Marc graduated from the Aaron Copeland School of Music - Queens College in 1980 having concentrated on music theory and composition, It was here that he met his wife of 35 years, Suzanne, a  classical pianist.

Marc collaborated with many musicians at the school, some of whom he still plays with today.

Over the last 40 years, Marc playing experience has taken him across the United States and Europe, either as an accompanist, or as part of a jazz group. He currently plays with the band Vista Hill.

Over the last three years, Marc has devoted much of his time and energy to the development of his new recording studio. 

In addition to working on his own music, Marc has been working with younger musicians and singer/songwriters in the studio, so that they might benefit from his knowledge and experience. 





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